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The one born as Sirin and later known as Herrscher of the Void, also known as Queen of the Void, K-423, 2nd Herrscher, Second Ruler of the New World, Last Herrscher of the Old World, Houkai God, Queen of the Houkai, Ultimate Ruler, God Kiana, Goddess of the Void and possibly hundreds more is the main antagonist of the popular Chinese MiHoYo game Honkai Impact 3rd.

52,000 years ago, the Herrscher of the Void of the Old World was born when the innocent blind Sirin was infected with its energy, showing her the true rotten world she believed to be beautiful. Starting the Second Houkai War, Herrscher od the Void almost caused the end of civilization but was sealed with the efforts of Welt and Cecilia Shariac. Years later, Kiana accidentally merged with the core of the 2nd Herrscher during an invasion of Anti-Entrophy to St. Freya Cathedral under the machinations of Cocolia, becoming the Herrscher of the End and destroying the whole reality before being sealed into the moon by Dr. MEI. Thousand years later, the Herrscher of the Void was reborn as a powerful Herrscher who came to life in the year 2000 D.C. and started the Second Eruption after her host Sirin, one of the guinea pigs of Shicksal's Babylon Tower, awakened her powers as a Herrscher, causing a bloody war between the Houkai and humanity that took the lives of billions. Later, she made a deal with the Houkai God (the Herrscher of the End) to gain even more power and used her new powers to destroy multiples continents with debris of the moon, killing a large portion of mankind before starting the Armageddon. With the war, she founded her own army of Houkai and Pseudo-Herrschers. She was killed by the S-Valkyrie Cecilia Shariac during a rain of nuclear missiles but not before taking the whole North Siberia into her void realm, killing millions more before her defeat. Years later after her first defeat she awakened in the body of her own benevolent clone K-423 (Kiana Kaslana) under the manipulation of Otto Apocalypse, and started the 4th Houkai Eruption, pushing all life of the planet to the brink of extinction before she could be sealed once again.

Although she is a servant of the overall main antagonist (God Kiana), her original past-self who destroyed the Old World and created the New World, Herrscher of the Void is the biggest threat faced by the protagonists and the most dangerous and dreadful Herrscher of history for unleashing two Apocalypses upon humankind since Herrscher of the Erosion the 12th Ruler of the Old World who started the Second Apocalypse in 1470 with the Black Death in the New World, making herself the most evil and fearsome Ruler of history. Aside from bringing hundreds of millions players to the game thanks to her massive popularity, her character was critically acclaimed for being the ideal female villain. Moreover, her widely villainous role as an extremely powerful, sinister, misanthropic, vile entity and yet beautiful girl who had success in almost all of her genocidal plans while being the very embodiment of the Apocalypse itself, easily made her one of the most influential, evil, complex, popular and iconic female villains in Asian games of all time.

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